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Animal nutrition
One of the main areas of our activities is animal nutrition. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of feed additives, specialised feed and special feed preparations intended for producers of feed mixtures and for livestock breeders. We also manufacture a complete line of dog and cat food. Our products also include feed for hoofed game and pheasants.

Disinfection for livestock - Biosecurity
We offer TEKROCID, a complete programme of animal hygiene from detergents, disinfectant agents, and disinfectants for dairy cow milk glands to an extensive prevention programme. Disinfection can be applied to livestock, pheasant farms, etc.

Veterinary drugs
We manufacture veterinary drugs for farm animals, – both in the form of premixes for the production of medicated feeds and pulvis intended for immediate application in animals. We can offer our customers medicated feed made especially for their animals.

ECO products
We also provide products good for organic farming - ECO supplementary mineral feed for cattle, sheep and goats and ECO instant salt licks for cattle. It is safe to use our Tekrosil K and Tekrosil L silage preservatives in organic farming.

Silage preservatives
Microbial inoculants that are designed for the conservation of silage are Tekrosil L (conservation of alfalfa, clover and grass silages), Tekrosil K (conservation of silage made from maize and cultivated grasses), and Tekrosil B (conservation of silage made from maize and cultivated grasses and for biogas stations). These are characterised by their content of unique strains of lactic bacteria, which assure a higher nutrient content and improve the palatability and stability of the silage.