About us


Since its foundation in 1991, Tekro has been a 100 percent Czech company.

Our priority is to create conditions for quality life for animals and we focus all our efforts on ensuring their health and well-being. We pride ourselves on our innovative nutrition, comprehensive consultancy and long-term collaboration, resulting in the positive overall welfare of studs and benefits for the customer in the form of animal health and production. In doing so, we use the experience and knowledge we have gained from many years of practice and close cooperation with our own studs, foreign partners and universities.

We differ from the majority of similar companies in the market with the breadth of our assortment and activities. From nutrition for farm animals, which has formed the basis of the company's activities from its very beginning, through the production and inhouse development of veterinary medicines, the sale of disinfectants and comprehensive zoo-hygiene solutions, up to the development and production of food and accessories for pets.

The background of our studs is important for us because it represents a rich source of experience and skills that we use in collaboration with our customers. At present, we raise 35 thou. pigs, 7.5 thou. head of cattle, 300 thou. broilers and 1 million laying hens in the companies belonging to the Tekro group.

In-house development and production of most products and services allows us to fully control the entire process up to sale to the customer. Not everything has happened as we envisaged, but we can best learn from our own mistakes.



  • Maintain and develop high quality production.
  • Develop the Tekro company towards the ability to provide new products and paid consulting services.
  • Make the most of the company's human potential and promote employee expertise.